Pitt D Now With More Gaping Holes

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Get your Pittsburgh D Brand cheese, the sweetest tasting cheese available in New England. Just listen to some of the testimonials from the New England Patriots:

"I don't need no stinkin hole to catch the ball normally, but with the Pitt D Brand Cheese Block they let me get the easiest 63 yard touchdown of my life." Randy Moss

"I spent the entire second half in the hole in the middle and I even caught a touchdown while in one of the largest holes." Wes Welker

"If I could have a hundred and twenty two yards receiving on the Pitt D Brand Cheese than so can you." Jabar Gaffney

Even Tom Brady Endorses it: "While eating up the Pittsburgh D Brand Cheese I threw for the second most passing yards in my career. I would recommend Pitt D Brand Cheese to the rest of the quarterbacks in the NFL."

Although Bill Belichick was less enthused: "Pitt D Brand Cheese is a good cheese block and doesn't have that many holes. I just thought we executed well and took advantage of the few holes they have in their quality block of cheese."

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Great post.

I guarantee its one of my favorites.

Brady has to win Pimp of the Week for shoving the guarantee down Smith's throat by repeatedly throwing at him and scoring touchdowns.

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