More Reason to Avoid Jersey

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just in case you for some reason needed more reason to avoid the dump that is Newark New Jersey, the kind state senators quickly voted on an act to punish anyone visiting their brand new arena. The senate has decided to inflict a 5% tax on all tickets in the new arena to help with the necessary security needed outside the arena.

"We have to provide the security we need without impacting the community we live in," said Sen. Ronald Rice (D-Essex) a former Newark deputy mayor and sponsor of the measures. Star-Ledger

So pretty much Newark is admitting that their community is a complete dump and that it needs massive security to ensure the safety of those that travel to their new arena, but they do not want to bare the costs. Instead they want to dump another annoying surcharge on those that venture into their community and actually spend money on their community. I guess the hundreds of jobs and the extra tax dollars it is generating for the community of Newark just wasn't enough. Perhaps they just want to convince people not to come to only thing worthwhile in their shit city.

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