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Monday, December 03, 2007

1. I don't know if I should shoot myself in the had now or take it out on the crowd?
2. I can't hear you or my brain is not working, the decision is yours.
3. Wait where's the Cotton bowl again? Is it that a way?

1. Darn those tricky 20 yard field goals.
2. Wanny tricked me Wanny tricked me booo.
3. I'm dropping a deuce on the field...

1. As you can see here Dennis Dixon is modeling Oregon's 44th alternate road jersey, jeans and a black sweatshirt.
2. So, apparently I'm the MVP, cause without me we suck a lot.
3. Just look at that ass clown below me, we lost to them, without me, need I say more?

1. This is my best life size photo ever, don't I look perty?
2. I've got some sweet buck teef just like the jackass on the blanket.
3. Ha I'm a beaver.

1. We're gonna look like complete tools when we're not hanging out together.
2. That's why we're going to hold hands the entire game.
3. Perhaps there will be enough of Chase Daniel's tears to wash off your paint post game.

"John John John, can you please sign my son? Ya the neck is fine. Can you make it out to Steph your number one MILF love Booty the MILF Hunter. You are the absolute greatest John. Thank you so much, my son will cherish this for a life time."

1. I should have drank Keystone Light, the never bitter beer face.
2. Kirk Herbstreit makes me very sad
3. I love my white running back.

1. Woo we're going to the Meineke Car Care GMC back woods no one cares bowl. Woooooo.
2. This is what we do for powerlifts at our school, we call it deadlift the white guy.
3. This game was so great, ESPN didn't even send broadcasters to it.

1. And now for my next performance I will juggle three exploding oranges.
2. I shall give these three oranges to Mangino before the game in hopes that he doesn't bite me.
3. I shall juice these when I get home.

1. Atleast I have my cousin to console and sleep with me.
2. I guess now we atleast don't have to pay for electricity on January 7th.
3. If it was a brawl you would think our Quarterback would have tried to sack it up with a bruised thumb or not.

1. My thumbs hurts reals bad.
2. Me gonna cry tonight after our loss.
3. No more Heisman talk for me...

1. My next profession will be professional bare handed boar hunting.
2. Our only hope of beating Georgia is bringing spears to the game.
3. Our graduation rate is the lowest of all BCS schools, I wonder why?

1. "I love me the Army football program, very strong powerful program who can win in any situation."
2. "Perhaps I backed the wrong Service Academy?"
3. I wonder wear those fingers were a few minutes ago?

1. Gauging my eyes out right now, leave a message after the beep.
2. I can't look, did Oklahoma score again?
3. We're not even going to a BCS game? I better take out my eyes before Mangino eats them.

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