The Enjoyment of Throwing Stuff on the Field

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sometimes you just gotta throw stuff on the field. Like lit flares, giant chunks of ice and dead animals. You gotta do what you gotta do.

That delay lasted about 10 seconds for jagged ice balls. Why couldn't they have hit Justin McCareins in his useless hands?

Apparently the Patriots hit Phil during the tuck rule game. They should have hit him harder, cause he still sucks up to them.

Throw the ball back or Derek Lee gets frustrated and wants to hit tall white guys.

Jet Fans typically make paper planes and attempt to throw them on the field. We suck.

I always enjoyed the Octopus throw by the Red Wings.

The Top 10 moments, and Dida getting hit in the head isn't number 1? Well he is a soccer player with terrible acting skills so perhaps he embellished it a bit.

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What about Beergate in Cleveland???

maki said...
5:55 PM  

umm, maki? look at the number 1 play on the last video.

P. Hilferty said...
6:53 PM  

How about Disco Demolition Night at Old Comiskey Park, July 12, 1979?

Jay Cee said...
9:24 AM  
Anonymous said...
7:55 PM  

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