The Cubs Go Asian

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Cubbies are going Asian as they have won the Fukudome sweepstakes and will bring in the Japanese right fielder to replace the traded Jacque Jones. It seems like a good move for the Cubbies nothing says bonus merchandising like signing an Asian hero. Additionally in 2006 he lit up the Central league hitting .351 with 31 dingers and won the MVP. He's a lefty so he could bring balance to the Soriano, Lee, Aramis right handed overload in the middle of the lineup. They did give him $12 million a year which seems a bit much for a player who's never hit a single baseball in the majors but it was probably the right move.

Having said that with the Cubs luck chances are high that Fukudome will just end up being the Asian Jacque Jones and won't help the team at all. I can say that I can't wait for announcers to say Fukudome consistently.

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