Maybe It's Not Lima Time

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Much was made last week about terrible NBAer Marko Jaric dating the very easy on the eyes Brazilian and Victoria Secret Model Adriana Lima. And really understandably so, I mean look at her and then look at him. He's just a goofy looking Eurpoean with some poor facial hair that plays for the worst team in the league. He's certainly no Tom Brady, in looks, championships, well anything. And yet he's dating the #4 most desirable woman in the world. I mean if he can do it than perhaps he should be a hero for all averagely talented not so good looking men out there.

But with news like this of course there must be something to take the luster off. And of course there is. Apparently Lima prides herself on being a virgin and says that she is waiting until marriage, thus making her the hottest virgin on the planet. So to manipulate one of the great third person quoters of all-time, maybe it is not Lima time as I apparently the only thing Jaric is hitting is the occasional meaningless jumpshot.

Perhaps another ugly European can pull Marisa Miller, she's hotter anyway.

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Adriana Lima far hotter than Marissa Miller, sorry. Adriana is number most searched for VS model on the Internet with the biggets fanbase. In other words, she's the head bitch at VS...Marissa is hot in a Maxim magazines, big booby, bleached blonde hair sort of way, in other words, fake-looking. Marissa cannot generate the fanbase and fan worship that Adriana can. Also, yes, Lima was 4th on's list for 2006 and 7, but she was number 1 on the list for 2004 and 2005.

Other than that, I agree with the Marko Jarko thing. She's too hot for him...far too hot. I'm so glad about the virginity thing, because I take comfort knowing someone that ugly is not getting any from someone that hot. I don't get these hot women who date ugly men. Come Adriana, come to your senses.

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