Tom 'The Fantasy Tease' Brady

Monday, December 17, 2007

If you were smart enough to draft Tom Brady this year in your fantasy league than chances are you were bragging to all of your buddies during the first 13 weeks of the year. You had five touchdowns a week, you had Tom Brady in the Fantasy Playoffs motivated facing the New York Jets in the semifinals and the inept Dolphins in the finals. He was going to throw 5 touchdowns in both games and you were going to ride the Brady wave directly to the cash. He was far away the best player in the league. Or so you would have thought.

Instead what you got was the 27th most points put up by a quarterback this week. 14 Completions for a modest 140 yards plus one interception. The list of quarterbacks that put up more points than Tom consists of well, just about everybody because only 30 QBs have suited up so far. The immortal Todd Collins put up fractionally more points than Tom since he didn't throw any interceptions. Have Cleo Lemon on your bench for some reason? He threw for 165 more yards than Brady, you should have started him. What about Shaun Hill? You knew he was going to throw and rush for a touchdown and put up 10+ more points than Brady right? Matt Moore, Chad Pennington, Trent Edwards, Brodie Croyle, Josh McCown, Kyle Boller. All better than Brady.

The only saving grace for Brady owners would be if they played Tony 'My Girlfriend is in the stands so I can't Concentrate' Romo or Derek ' It's Snowing So Hard I can't See Three Inches in Front of My Face' Anderson or Kellen "I threw One Pass for a Pick 6' or Chris 'My Coach Quit On Us' Redman who were the four starting quarterbacks to have a worse afternoon than Tom.

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Please. The only reason the score wasn't 75-3 was due to the weather and the 40 mph gusting winds.

And doesn't this solidify the fact that Brady is the premier quarterback? He can nail hot actresses and super models all day long and still be focused. Romo will never reach the Brady level.

I will say this though... I think he's become enamored with the long passes. The pats need to refocus their offense on 5-10 yard passes instead of these 25+ yard bombs to Moss and Stallworth. I'd like so see more Welker and tight end receptions.

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