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Friday, December 14, 2007

Here's a long awaited rebus. Remember the rules are... Winner is the first to identify the associated person, place or thing in the comments section. The Ultimate winner is the person who manages to put together what all the clues and answer is. I will post the answers sometime later if this isn't accomplished.

So start your guessin...

Furthermore I think I might start a distribution list for when I do any more rebuses in the future, that way everyone is on an even playing field as to when it starts. If you want on this list just send me an email.

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Answer is the Seattle Seahawks.

1) Changed logo in 2001
2) Zero Super Bowls
3) Sued by Texas A&M
4) Something about their helmets?
5) Switched conferences
6) John Thompson was first GM

Brendan said...
1:44 PM  
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Bob Kraft said...
2:48 PM  

The first pic has to do with what old people do.

The second one is something that's on your keyboard.

And the third has to do with what's on the helmets, not a helmet itself

SimonOnSports said...
3:17 PM  

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