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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Bowls are right around the corner and since I'm doing such a horrible job with my NFL picks this season perhaps I'm due a little bit of luck. Also if you care to defeat me in Bowl Pick 'Em probably not a difficult task you can join my league 'Can't Spell Lloyd without 2 Ls' at ESPN. Anyway here's one sentence reasons why I picked each game.

San Diego Bowl: Utah over Navy cause the Midshipman Coach decided to bail ship.

New Orleans Bowl: Florida A&T over Memphis cause they are from Florida, thats it.

PapaJohns Bowl: Cincinnati over Southern Miss cause the Bearcats didn't get their coach stolen by Michigan.

New Mexico Bowl: New Mexico over Nevada cause nothing says homefield like having the same name as the bowl game.

Las Vegas Bowl: BYU over UCLA cause UCLA lost to Notre Dame.

Hawaii Bowl: Boise St. over East Carolina cause the powers extend past the smurf turf.

Motor City Bowl: Central Michigan over Purdon't cause the MAC owns the Big 10 this year.

Holiday Bowl: Arizona St. over Texas cause the Loghorns are highly overrated.

Champs Sports: BC over Michigan St. cause the Eagles always win their bowl games cause every year they face inferior teams.

Texas Bowl: Houston over TCU cause the coin landed tails.

Emerald Bowl: Oregon St. over Maryland cause the Beaver is too powerful to be contained in a fridge.

Car Care Bowl: Wake Forest over Uconn cause I drink the haterade.

Liberty Bowl: Miss St. over UCF cause nothing says Croomed like a Bowl loss.

Alamo Bowl: Penn St. over A&M cause the Aggies still haven't gotten their running back on a conditioning plan.

Independence Bowl: Bama over Colorado cause one 6-6 team must win.

Armed Forces Bowl: Cal over Air Force cause them helicopters can't stop Desean Jackson.

Sun Bowl: South Florida over Oregon cause a Leaf is going to QB for one team and not the other.

Humanitarian Bowl: Georgia Tech over Fresno St. cause the Jackets showed charity when they let Glennon use their jersey.

Gaylord Bowl: Kentucky over FSU cause Cheat St. University got caught.

Insight Bowl: Indiana over Okie St. cause this ones for Coach Hep.

Peach Bowl: Auburn over Clemson cause the ACC likes to suspend all of their players for the bowl game.

Outback Bowl: Tennessee over Wisconsin cause this time the coin landed heads.

Cotton Bowl: Missouri over Arkansas cause the Razorbacks ain't got Patrino yet.

Gator Bowl: Texas Tech over Virginia cause Al Groh will have his mind explode trying to defend the Red Raiders.

Cap One Bowl: Florida over Michigan cause the Tebow spread won't be stopped.

Rose Bowl: USC over Illinois cause there will be no Zooking in Pasadena.

Sugar Bowl: Georgia over Hawaii cause there won't be back to back BCS miracles.

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma over West Virginia cause Pat White will be broken in half.

Orange Bowl: VaTech over Kansas cause the Ass Face is Better than the Triple Chin.

International Bowl: Rutgers over Ball St. cause Schiano is too good for Michigan.

GMAC Bowl: Tulsa over Bowling Green cause um ain't got no reason.

BCS Title Game: LSU over Ohio St. cause the Buckeyes are inept versus the SEC.

Good luck soundly defeating me...

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