Another Long Overdue Clue Game Rebus

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here's a long awaited rebus. Remember the rules are... Winner is the first to identify the associated person, place or thing in the comments section. The Ultimate winner is the person who manages to put together what all the clues and answer is. I will post the answers sometime later if this isn't accomplished.

So start your guessin...

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1) AKA Ivan Jimenez
2) Born in LA
3) Sold to Japan
4) ???
5) Cowboy fan
6) 2 big runs off Mo in '04
7) Reached base in 50 straight games
8) Douche bag

Kevin Millar

Thanks for making me relive the 2004 ALCS with this one, prick.

Grutt said...
10:28 AM  

1 correct
2 correct
3 correct
4 is pretty easy I think...
5. I was going for Fan of Cowboys but whatever
6. close but not quite
7. correct
8 correct

Answer: Kevin Millar

Simon said...
10:33 AM  

4.) Scab Hitter. He got his big break during the strike.

Namaan Fletcher said...
12:17 PM  

6) 2 big walks off Mo in '04

Bob Kraft said...
1:34 PM  

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