One Annoying Torre Defense

Monday, October 22, 2007

How would you feel if your employer came to you and said we don't like you're performance the last few years we're going to ask you to stay but at a reduced salary?

I'm going to avoid the obvious comparison in that millions is 10 times larger than the normal mans salary but here's where you simply can't compare the two. In my position I make a decent amount per year, not like I'm going to be driving around in an Escalade or anything but I won't be eating pasta everyday for the entirety of the year. However, when you compare my salary to everyone else who does what I do for a living it would be about market value. I certainly am not the highest paid IT worker in the world. I certainly do not make 100% more than the next highest IT employee in the world.

This is what Joe Torre is, the highest paid person in his profession in the entire world. Comparing his situation simply with the situation of an everyday normal worker is ludicrous. The smallest of percentiles of people will ever be the highest paid person at their position on the planet, so comparing me taking a pay cut to Joe Torre taking a pay cut is just plain old dumb.

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