Kramer Might Have Gonorrhea

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Remember the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer started swimming in the rivers of New York and eventually got a bunch of people to do the same. Well that certainly seemed disgusting to me. Those rivers had to have a ton of pollution and that can't be good for your body.

Well news out of New York today is a little bit more odd and possibly more disturbing. The Gowanus Canal which extends through the borough of Brooklyn was found to have not only extended amounts of pollution but Gonorrhea as well. Yes the Venereal Disease, Gonorrhea.

If you are in the Gowanus River Dredgers Canoe Club or have ever dated one you just might want to get yourself checked out this week. And if you ever decided to canoe in the river again, please wear protection.

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actually, kramer did have gonnorrhea in one episode when he was an actor and the med students had to figure out what disease he had.

Anonymous said...
2:10 PM  

Excellent point Mr. Anonymous. I didn't know I was that smart.

Anonymous said...
3:28 PM

You can't catch gonorrhea from kissing, hugging, sharing baths, towels, cups, plates or cutlery, or from toilet seats or swimming pools.

Anonymous said...
7:09 PM  

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