Tennis in Europe is Better and More Distracting

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When watching tennis tournaments on tv, sometime I honestly do find enjoyment in the little kids running up and down the court like robots picking up the balls and tossing them to the players. The occasions where they get struck with the ball also leads to some enjoyment. But they're really nothing special to look at, just thoughtless chlidren really.

Well at the Madrid Masters, for atleast one match, they have improved the situation as you can certainly see. Instead of children run around like tennis slaves, they now have models running around the court and picking up the light green balls. Therefore if you ever get bored of watching sweaty men run around the court in tight shorts or capri pants and feel a little less hetero, you can simply glance to towards the net, see some nice jugs and feel a lot more like a man. Well done Spain, well done.

Apparently the additional breasts were a bit distracting to Roger Federer as he actually lost in the tournament finals against David Nalbandian of all people.

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