World Series Quick Picks

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I already made my bed and picked the Red Sox over the Rockies, so unfortunately I'm going to stick to my guns. Here are some quick reasons why the Red Sox are going to win the season.

1. Simple, Josh Beckett. Why did the Red Sox beat the Indians? Josh Beckett. Sure they won game 6 and 7 without him but, without Beckett Manny would be who caring at the beach right now.

2. Manny Corpas has been great since taking over the closers role, but he most certainly does not have Papelbon's dance moves or intimidating stare down.

3. After Beckett, the Red Sox have an advantage at the remaining 3 starters in the rotation. Jimenez has great stuff but Schilling is an elite postseason pitcher despite his age. Fogg and Dice-K both are mediocre but Dice-K has better stuff. And Lester was lights out in the ALCS while Cook is coming off months of being on the DL.

4. The Sox have World Series experience oozing out of their key players, Beckett, Schilling, Ortiz, Manny, V-tek, etc. meanwhile the Rockies have absolutely none.

5. Manny and Papi are always great but the Red Sox tend to get ridiculous production from elsewhere in their lineup. Youk has been a Greek God in the postseason. Pedroia had a massive game 7. Hell even JD Drew had a huge game in the series.

6. The massive lay off. Why not, everyone else is already using it as a bona fide excuse for the Rockies cooling off, so I'll use it as well.

7. God got into a freak skeeball accident and is stuck on IR in a Jersey Hospital.

Personally I'm wearing Purple today, will obviously be rooting for the Rockies to pull off the upset, and will most likely be disappointed just like everything else that has happened in the 2007 sports landscape. I just pray that Purple Jesus is watching and uses his powers to push the Rockies to victory over Lucifer's favorite squad.

Purple Jesus Creation from With Leather, found at KSK

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