Hollinger is Close but Not Quite Right

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just in case you don't know who John Hollinger is, he's basketball analyst for ESPN who has his very own and very complicated system as to how he ranks NBA players for each minute they are on the court. The list adjusts all the time and he recently came out with a projected rankings for the entire NBA this season. These projected rankings will leave anyone a little confused as to why Player A is ranked above Player B. Most people will focus on the top of the list, however my eyes float towards the sludge at the bottom for which Hollinger is so close but just misses.

In ranking all 328 players, whom played in the league last year and garnered 500+ minutes last season, he ranked Brian Scalabrine 326. Which means that he incorrectly thinks there are two players worse in the NBA than Scalabrine. This thought is utterly preposterous, there is no way that any player in the NBA is worse than Brian. Scalabrine is amongst the worst athletes to ever tie their shoelaces nevermind suit up in the NBA.

So who could possibly be in the same ineptitude sentence as Scals? According to Hollinger the Disgrace to Redheads Everywhere is better than Yakhouba Diawara of the Denver Nuggets (who?) and Jason Collins of the New Jersey Nets. Yakhouba went to Pepperdine and has a cool name, so he's better than Scals. And Collins started for teams that went to the NBA finals for which Scals was a bench warmer, so obviously he's better than bumbling Redhead.

I'm sorry John, you were so close to nailing the all important spot on your list, the NBA's worst player, but you fell just short. Shame on you, I expect a correction to the list at some point in time during the regular season.

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