The New York Jets have a Pathetic Fanbase

Monday, November 19, 2007

Don't let any Jet fan, myself included, tell you otherwise the New York Jet fanbase is pathetic. Since I started this blog 2 summers ago I have been to one game, in which I was vastly disappointed by the showing of Jets fans. Earlier this season I absolutely hated the fans showings in cheering the injury of Chad Pennington. And yesterday it was completely evident this weekend when the stadium was swirling with yellow towels and cheering for Pittsburgh first downs. The Jet fans showing was at best piss poor.

Listening to Mike and the Mad Dog this afternoon, I ran across the comments from some New York Jets players:

Safety Kerry Rhodes said, it "ticked us off a little bit," but he added, "their fans made it fun for us."NYP

"You had no choice but to notice," Baker said of Giants Stadium absolutely taken over by black-and-gold-clad, "Terrible Towel"-waving Steelers fans who bought all the tickets from the apathetic Jets fans who opted not to show up. When I came out for warm-ups, I was like, 'Wow, I've never seen this before.' I was definitely shocked, because I've been here for six years and we've had ups and downs, but I've never seen our stadium with more visiting fans than home fans." NYP

"It [ticked] us off," defensive end Shaun Ellis said. "It was weird. It felt like an away game. It felt good to get a road win." NYP

"A situation like that fan-wise, you try to minimize the things they are able to cheer for," Jets coach Eric Mangini said of Pittsburgh stealing the home-field advantage. "That's really all you can do." Times Herald Record

I'm not here to proclaim myself the greatest fan in the world either. I live approximately an hour and a half from the stadium and have not yet nor plan to go to a game this season. However, I'm not going to defend Jet fans and criticize Rhodes and Baker nor any other Jet for their comments. They're right. Despite the understandable excuses like they are a 1-8 team why should I go when I can get my money back, it's a testament to the fact that the New York Jets have far less die-hard fans than most NFL franchises. Season Ticket holders of the New York Jets obviously have less affinity for the team than most NFL franchises including the cross town Giants.

So if you run into a Jet fan in the next few days making excuses for all the black and gold running rampant in Giants stadium, just tell him to shut up, there is no defense to allowing one of your 8 home games to turn into a road game.

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