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Friday, November 02, 2007

A little bit of snatch and a little bit of douchebaggery this week.

1. Scott Boras - A pretty easy candidate selection for this week. The man has no respect for anything. Regardless of who leaked what to the press, he's the one that sent the text messages and the voice mails saying Arod opted out during the final game of the World Series. And then to top it off you give some meaningless excuse to why he opted out and then the next day say you regret doing it during the Series. Shut up.

2. Lance Armstrong - You would think that in most cases a professional athlete would not be interested in dating a toothpick who allegedly struggled with eating disorders. Apparently not Lance Armstrong, who has gone from wife, to pop star, to designer, to an Olsen twin? Lance you realize that she was in Full House as the cute adorable baby when you were in college. And she isn't even hot, at least find a 21 year old that is hot and doesn't have coke issues.

3. Toyo Shigeta - If you were the CEO of a decent sized ad agency what would one of your hobbies be? Taking pictures of your female clients nether regions of course. What makes your employees enjoy your leadership more than a nice picture of Maria Sharapova's vagina. If that doesn't work to motivate your male employees then most likely nothing will. [Toyo gets on the list for getting caught]

4. VT Equipment Managers - Typically I would think it would be a relatively simple objective if you were an equipment manager for a college team. Bring the equipment and try to bring them clean. Clean is probably the secondary objective, while bringing the equipment seems imperative. But I guess if you forget your uniforms you could just borrow the other teams and use a Sharpie to write the players names on the back.

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Toyo Shigeta should not be on this list, if my boss sent me an email with pictures of russian starlet box he would deserve high praise not nomination for simon's weekly waste of oxygen. He could easily be replaced by the rockies partial owner who in an interview after the WS said the rockies were still the better team and if they played the sox 10 times they'ld win 6 or 7

tmags said...
10:01 AM  

I second Tmags.

If anything he should be ridiculed for not turning the night vision option on and getting a shot of the actual snapper instead of the snapper with undies over it and no moose knuckle. Rookie.

Naaman Fletcher said...
11:38 AM  

Gregg Esterbrook should be on this list every week. He's pretty obsessed with hating the Patriots. His columns are ridiculous.

I bet Tom Brady banged his girlfriend raw dog in college.

Read the last couple "Tuesday Morning Quarterback" articles on ESPN and you'll agree.

Hart said...
2:30 PM  

There are things I can not do, one of which is read something that is more than a page long. My focus is shit. Easterbrooks columns are like books, I don't even open it anymore.

Simon said...
3:11 PM  

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