Who is DJ Hackett and Why is He Nasty?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Last year when the Seahawks traded for Deion Branch it seemed like they were desperate for a #1 wideout. This year when they let Darrell Jackson run to the division rival 49ers it seemed as if Branch would even more likely step into that #1 role. However, someone else has apparently jumped up and become Matt Hasselbeck's #1 target. And that man is... D.J. Hackett. Um Who?

So Who Exactly is DJ Hackett? DJ is a native Sothern Californian who originally attended Cal State Northridge. However, he was forced to transfer schools after they dumped their football program in 2001, which I'd imagine sucking a lot. Hackett then moved into the Big 12 to play for the Colorado Buffalos in 2002 and saw his most productive season in his final year at school having over 1000 yards and 7tds, but since the Buffs went 5-7 that year chances are you never got to see him play. The Seahawks went on the draft him in the mid 5th round of the 2005 draft, again at a point where even the most diligent follower of sports overlooks names.

In his rookie year with the Seahawks Hackett did not see the playing field. In the 2005 NFC Title team Hackett saw mild action at the wideout slot 28 catches and increased his production last year to move into more of a prominent role with 45 catches. And that brings us to this season. In the season opener Hackett injured his ankle and missed the next 6 games. However, since the Seahawks week 8 bye it's been all about Hasselbeck to D.J. In his return game, Hackett caught 6 passes including one for a touchdown. In the monday night matchup versus the 49ers Hackett caught 8 passes for 108 yards including a td. And then yesterday in the matchup against the Bears, Hackett had the biggest game of his career with 9 catches for 136 yards including a td.

3 weeks active, and 3 weeks being Matt Hasselbeck's #1 option and if you had asked football fans across America three weeks ago who DJ Hackett was, I guarantee half would have had no idea, and most likely he's still falling under the radar. Except the oppositions secondaries of course.

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