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Monday, November 19, 2007

1. Les Miles is our pimp hero...
2. Well until he takes the Michigan job.
3. I probably spent way too much money on this coat when I could have simply gotten an LSU jersey.

"Hey Coach look at the hot South Carolina ass up there in the bleachers. Ha and look at that dumb ass that's painted orange next to him. Little does he know that Matt Ice is going to throw a game winning touchdown in the 4th quarter and little does he know he's going to watch his wideout drop a game winning td right afterward."

1. What you can't see from this angle, is that this thing is already tapped. Thing is just a wooden version of those 5 liter Heineken mini kegs.
2. This dude's gonna try to pound the entire thing.
3. No shit we're going to go to a bowl game? It's time to get obliterated.

1. Wow Paul Bunyan was one big ass dude, I wonder how many bison he killed with this axe.
2. Beating Minnesota has a prize? I wonder why.
3. This is absolutely the best time to play paper football, see if you can kick it between my fingers.

1. I'm gonna smoke this shit later tonight.
2. Me 2 Michigan Seniors 0
3. F*ck this Rose crap I'm gonna smoke this, a few Fraudconn's gonna beat WVU, and Oklahoma's gonna win the title game and we're going to take down LSU.

1. Hey Chad, um, if you could maybe both throw the ball to your receivers and convince them to catch the ball, that would be nice.
2. Maybe Ryan Mallett will beat Ohio St. next year.
3. Chad, when you get drafted for the NFL can you request the number 04, make sure you get the 0 in there, it's symbolic.

1. My mother is so proud of me right now.
2. I already have my Pneumonia check up scheduled for monday morning.
3. This was a bad idea...

"So let me list off the ones I have first. Obviously the one to my immediate right, the two on the bottom, and one or two out of the camera's view. Next on my list is the girl on the far right, she's got a tuesday morning appointment. We'll see if we can work in the others later this season. I'm a busy man."

"Oh my god oh my god we won the DukeSuperbowl. I knew we didn't completely suck. Now we're the 4th or 5th worst team in college football. And we might be better than atleast one service Academy. And now Lou Holtz isn't going to get killed by his bookie. Yippy."

1. That loss really isn't going to help me land the Michigan job.
2. Even Mike Shula didn't lose to non BCS tams.
3. Well, at the very least, I'm not the Dolphins coach anymore.

"Ernie McCracken is my favorite movie character of all time so I thought to myself during this football game why shouldn't I work on my bowling form. And look at that, I've got a guy jumping on my left and a guy on my right leg and still, perfect form. That's definitely hitting the pocket."

1. I'm going 'Over the Top'
2. I am getting the best ab stretch of my life right now.
3. I feel like Randy Moss this is so cool.

1. No National Championship... No Heisman Trophy... No Senior Bowl Game
2. Yes Reconstructive Knee Surgery
3. God damn every quarterback named Leaf sucks, why exactly did we split time last year?

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