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Monday, November 05, 2007

"I can't believe we just beat the great Notre Dame Fighting Irish this is awesome."
"Dude Notre Dame is 1-8 they suck, they're just as bad as Duke."
"Perhaps we are celebrating a bit too much."
"Ya our other three wins are probably better."

1. Coach can we please score 100, pretty please?
2. "Why is Bill Callahan still coaching?
3. I can't wait to see coach dominate the buffet line later.

1. I think we won.
2. We won right?
3. Where am I?

"So after the game I went up into the stands and the hot MILF just pulled me aside and started making out with me it was completely awesome."
"Dude... that was your mom."

1. I never rock a deuce without max intensity.
2. This is me pooping on Coach Saban's forehead.
3. If I hold this pose any longer I will develop hemhroids.

1. I am so stoned right now this is f'n amazing.
2. Who'd we play? How did I get here? What's going on?
3. I sell Pot to fund raise for the next Dennis Dixon for Heisman billboard.

1. It's Division One Football Brotha it ain't intramurals brotha.
2. Everybody else is in the ticket refund line.
3. As much as we got smoked by Mizzou today, atleast I'm not a Cornhusker.

1. "Mrs. Clause told me I would get caught if I made out with Rudolph... I didn't listen."
2. I'm Major Applewhite, get it the red for apple the white for white. Aren't I clever?
3. I inhaled some paint chips when I was spray painting my beard white.

Coach Stoops " I would tell you that I'll offer you a job after you get canned, but that would be a lie."
Coach Franchione "I understand, I do suck plus your brother Mike will probably be looking to crawl back in a few months."
Coach Stoops "Ya he sucks too, but blood is blood unfortunately."

1. Yes Coach Nutt I know I'm a pimp.
2. Next time coach I'm gonna run for more than 336 yards, cause I'm smooth.
3. Darren Darren will autograph my hat, sign it out to Houston, like the city.

1. Don't mess with me dude, I'm Jacked. I have the arms of a marathon runner you do not want to mess with these Aggie Pythons.
2. The Pain Train is coming, woooooo.
3. I'm flexing to scare you away from pummeling me. is it working?

1. Look at this sweet Parka, I got it at the local mall only 5 dollars after the FSU varsity discount.
2. Matt Ryan for Heisman can officially be canceled.
3. We are the most inconsistent team in football. Woooo...

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