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Monday, November 26, 2007

"So I was talking with Bill, and letting him no that we were going to let him go and explaining to him that his defense was the main reason for the firing, to which he responded 'Uh, but Senator there is no D in Bill Callahan'. I mean what the fuck."

1. Ya take that double digit losses.
2. We just concluded the greatest Notre Dame Season ever...
3. Or worst.

"I practice Limbo by myself, I am top 5 in the nation right now and one of the few americans who can efficiently practice while holding the limbo stick at the same time. Talent Extraordinare. I just do this band thing to limbo practice."

1. I just Croomed myself.
2. The Croom is allergic to ice.
3. The Croom is going bowling for the first time and there will be gutter balls thrown everywhere.

1. I really thought it was pronounced R-Kansas and not R-Can-Saw.
2. You doubted my abilities to end the season with 2 losses, oh how you were wrong.
3. Where's that plane ticket to Ann Arbor?

1. I don't know if this was the smartest thing I've ever done.
2. Isn't this how Colt got his last concussion?
3. That guy in the glasses in the front row is pretty pumped up.

3. Tim Tebow's man juices in a jar.
4. Tim Tebow's baby.
5. Tim Tebow's child support payments.

1. Yep I banged her.
2. And her
3. And her
4. And her
5. And her
6. And her
7. And her
8. And her...

1. Oh please help me mommy.
2. I did not sign up to actual play when I came her as the 3rd string quarterback.
3. Good thing I'm wearing my butt plug.

1. I thought it was a lie, but damn he really is this wide.
2. I bet that dude could eat a Cheesburger this big.
3. I wonder if he needs all doors in his office this wide so he can fit through them.

1. One can of paint lasts an entire season for me with my rail thin arms.
2. Tebow's arm is bigger than my body.
3. Hell Tebow's dong is bigger than my arm.

1. Woo it's over, our coach is finally going to resign.
2. We're the best team in the great state of Texas, and we stink.
3. I'm riding my imaginary motorcycle and it is the coolest.

1. I look like I should be attending a Special Ed school near you.
2. Virginia just lost to a team coached by an assface, ha.
3. I just found out that Tyrod Taylor is Michael Vick #2, that's pretty cool.

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