The Big 5 College Football Games of the Weekend

Thursday, November 01, 2007

5. Rutgers Scarlet Knights at Uconn Huskies
Uconn is somehow ranked 13th in the country despite the fact that they really have lost 3 games. Apparently they spend cash in ref briberies as well as Tressel pays his players. Rutgers has the talent to go into Hartford and knock the Huskies off of their undefeated Big East pedestal. The Pick: I'm Picking FraudConn to lose every week until they do.

4. Wisconsin Badgers at Ohio State Buckeyes
Another 'exciting' Big 10 matchup. And by exciting I mean painstakingly boring. This matchup will provide rough and tough run football and defense, or so the Big 10 would like you to think. In reality its a mostly untested Buckeyes team against a vastly overrated Wisconsin team that was throttled by Penn St. who was throttled by the Buckeyes during a Whiteout. The Pick: Ohio State in another snoozer.

3. Florida State Seminoles at Boston College Eagles
This game is completely flying under the radar because the Seminoles have spent almost the entire season unranked and unheralded. However, they still are Florida St., they still have a lot of athletes and the potential to beat anyone in the country. They most likely have a better chance to beat BC than does Wisconsin beating Ohio State. The Pick: I want to Pick FSU but I can't. Hopefully I'm wrong.

2. Louisiana State Tigers at Alabama Crimson Tide
The last real tester for the Tigers prior to playing in the SEC title game. Nick Saban facing off against his successor. Both teams sit at 4-1 in the SEC and the winner of this matchup will almost certainly represent the SEC West in the title game. Win and LSU should have one more test before the BCS title game, lose and their season is pretty much over. The Pick: Going out on a limb and picking the Crimson Tide.

1. Arizona State Sun Devils at Oregon Ducks
The battle between two teams that were so heralded in the preseason that the game was scheduled to be shown only in the states of Oregon and Arizona. Thankfully ESPN stepped in and will broadcast the game. Arizona St. helped out their legitimacy by knocking off Cal last week and if they could ever run the Cal, Oregon, USC, UCLA gauntlet in 4 straight weeks they should jump into the top 2. Meanwhile a win for the Ducks will help them in their claim as the best 1 loss team in the country. The Pick: Mighty Ducks yet again.

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