Not So Friendly Handshake

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What exactly did Coach Linehan say to Coach Nolan to get that look of disdain?

5. You guys have a great offense really, all of those weapons had us so confused today.
4. You guys were 2-0, shit, I completely forgot about that. So we lost our first 8 games and have won are last two and you won your first 2 games and lost your last 8, that's crazy.
3. You couldn't find anyone better than Trent Dilfer to play QB, that sucks.
2. Hey Mike, lets do our best Belichick handshake impression. Wow you're good.
1. Dude how much does it suck that you guys traded your #1 draft pick to the Patriots. That really just sucks for everyone. I pretty much don't like you right now.

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awesome pic... where did you find that?

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