An Oklahoma Win = Bad BCS Games

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A win by Oklahoma and a win by West Virginia this weekend could very well create an utterly boring set of BCS bowl games. If you look at ESPN's bowl projections, they predict a lot of games I have limited interest in watching.

BCS Title Game: West Virginia vs. Ohio St.

As an avid hater of Ohio St., the last thing I want to see is the Buckeyes play for the title game. Who knows maybe this game would be a close battle, but it certainly wouldn't be the exciting shootout that Mizzou WVU would turn into. As neither has a spectacular defense and both have high flying offenses.

Fiesta Bowl: Arizona St. vs. Oklahoma

People project Arizona St. in the Fiesta Bowl probably so that the Fiesta Bowl can fill the seats easily. But Arizona St. hasn't beaten any terrific teams this year and they just got pounded at home against the Trojans. Does anybody really want to see this game?

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Georgia
Assumes: Tech knocks off BC

This would probably be the most entertaining of the BCS games. Both have solid defenses and decent but not spectacular offenses. Both teams should travel relatively well to the Orange Bowl and creat a good environment. I would be interested to watch this.

Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. Hawaii
Assumes: LSU knocks off Tennessee

Hawaii could be a good matchup for some teams, especially those with lacking defenses (aka WVU or Mizzou or Kansas), but lining them up in New Orleans against an LSU team who shouldn't be healthy again after a month off and all signals point towards disaster.

Rose Bowl: USC vs. Illinois
Assumes: USC beats off UCLA

The Zookers were a great story this year, and were great to the country when they knocked off Ohio St., but they would have absolutely no shot in the world against USC in the Rose Bowl. It would be a colossal waste of time.

Other Possibilities
The Rose Bowl could be USC Georgia and the Sugar Kansas VaTech which would just switch around which game was worth a watch. Personally I don't see how the bowls would choose Kansas to play in the BCS over Missouri considering they did beat the Jayhawks and the only reason they would have another loss is because they were forced to play Oklahoma twice. But that's just my logic. One way or another if Oklahoma wins this weekend, most likely there's only going to be one BCS game I'm going to want to watch.

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I'm thinking Boston College will win this week, so you have to throw them into the mix of more boring bowl games. said...
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