Why a CT Kid Wants UConn to Lose

Thursday, November 08, 2007

As most of you know, if you've read any College Football post this season, despite the fact that I've lived my whole life in Connecticut, I am not a fan of the UConn Huskies. For the most part I can't stand them. I'm not 100% why I'm like this, part dave been ue to the Michigan fanhood, part due to the fact that many UConn fans are similar to Red Sox and Pats fans in obnoxiousness, part due to the fact Jim Calhoun is a douche, part due to going to a summer camp there and realizing that the campus was so far away from civilization it might as well have been in Central Maine. Whatever it was I've grown from mostly neutral as a young child to a moderate dislike at the elderly age of 24.

But throughout this period my dislike has been focused on the basketball with me never paying much attention to the football program at all, despite my High School QB starting their for 4 years. So why exactly do I want them to lose so bad in Football right now? Partly I don't want to deal with the many kids I grew up with that went to UConn and are somewhat delusional in thinking that their team is actually good. Part of it is a desire for them to get what they deserve which is two more losses after they were handed both the Louisville game and the Temple game. They lost to Temple why is this not reflected in the rankings? Why didn't the Big East Officials just change the results of the game. It was the final play. So this week I hope they fall to the Bearcats and I will continue to hope for failure.

In Further News The BBall Team's New Unis Suck and So Do They

On the right there is Marcus Williams former Point Guard for UConn, whom I honestly liked when he played for the Huskies. Perhaps it was the laptop stealing, or the general way he played the point guard position, or his abilities as the clutch player on their roster. Ok back on track here, he's wearing what has been the Uconn jersey for awhile, the White top and White shorts with UConn and some red and blue outlines that add some nice color to the jersey.

On the left there is some guy I have no idea who he is, he probably isn't that good. He's wearing the new UConn jersey which is both boring and hideous. They've eliminated most of the additional color and have replaced it with one of those stupid traces which links the shorts and the top together and creates some sort of stupid box from your chest to your knees. It just looks dumb. Perhaps the change was needed after their deliciously miserable 06-07 season in which they failed to make even the NIT tournament. If last nights squeak out was any indication they might be up for the repeat performance.

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