Friday Video Blowout

Friday, November 09, 2007

Everyone needs something to keep them occupied on Friday afternoons so the Friday Video Blowout was born. Spend your next few minutes laughing, crying of laughter, pissing your self, whatever, but mostly wasting your companies' time.

Videos, in order, courtesy of Grand National Champs, Fanhouse, With Leather, Deadspin, EC, The Wizard of Odds, The Offside, Ballhype, The Offside Rules, 700 Level, Hot Clicks, Fan House Again

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KG I guess is the coach too, that explains the record.

CBS says the Colts weren't cheating and it's their fault. They are probably liars.

Apparently Jeff Van Gundy has been sniffing highlighters recently.

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch. Apparently this kid will be suting it up for some SEC school next year.

You're going to need a very big clock to count down the seconds until the Spartans next win over the Wolverines.

The Best Tackle in the history of the universe.

Baron's been watching too much soccer.

If only the Jets could employ extra fan defenders.

Ya he's the one with the Coke bags falling out of his pockets...

Screw the bed I need a hidden Giant Screen for my Cube.

Tom Brady doesn't understand that throwing for your 5th td pass up 50 points is a big deal. He just wants to get better. Um ok.

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