Simon and CGB on The Potential UM Vacancy

Thursday, November 15, 2007

So myself and my buddy Joe at CollegeGameballs pretty much sit at our respective cubicles, mine at a Corporate Building his at his apartment (Work at Home Bastard) and discuss different sports topics for the majority of the day. Here is an excert from one of these many discussions:

CGB: i think if carr leaves they need to get les miles
i know you dont like him
but after this year im on his wagon

Simon: i don't know if they need to get anyone
I still want to see Miles win the big game
and they still have a lot of Saban's recruits

CGB: the names ive heard
are miles
and tedford
tedford would be bad

Simon: possibly

CGB: he never does anything
and they recruit

Simon: his QBs get good

CGB: they start off big then collapse
every year

Simon: Mallett has big time potential

CGB: yeah hes nasty
i dont know what other big name guys would leave a program
if it were me
id try to get mark richt
perhaps charlie weis

Simon: ha
if your Les Miles do you leave?
I know you're born and bread Michigan man
but you're at an equally legit school
possibly coming off a national title
which gives you atleast a 5 year grace period

CGB: yeah definitely

Simon: Michigan will lose Henne, Hart, Long, Crable, Arrington
are their key guys that will be gone
and possibly Manningham

CGB: i dont think it matters
the NC gives him a grace period anywhere
maybe not 5
at um
but i think he gets 3-4 easy
all he needs to do is beat OSU once
i wouldnt be surprised if any other job out there for him was just a springboard for michigan
i wonder if harbaugh will be interviewed
i think that would be awesome too

Simon: he probably wouldn't have been a bad candidate if he didn't disparage the
program in the off season

CGB: i know

Simon: Les could have been hoping the Michigan job would fall in his lap his entire
career, but sometimes dreams change
National Championships could do that

CGB: agreed

Simon: if I was him and moved to Michigan, I certainly wouldn't be putting LSU on my schedule any time soon

CGB: haha no

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Simon said...
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ROFL hahah lol :0 :) ;)~ ttyl

no you taste better than ice cream

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3:14 PM  

why thank you Sama.

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