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Monday, November 12, 2007

1. Wooo playing Notre Dame this year is super fun.
2. Service Academies 2, Notre Dame Zero
3. Damn Notre Dame is lucky they left Army off the schedule this season.

1. Ron Zook does not take baths.
2. Illinois actually can't afford gatorade and their bath jugs contain water.
3. Hence when they attempted to poor water on Ron Zook he disappeared.

1. See that sideline reporter back there, she wants the Zooker.
2. Boning Bonnie Bernstein, that's what this game should be called.
3. Look at that stupid ass hat, what the hell is Bonnie thinking, she's gonna need to take that off if she expects my A game.

1. Wait so you are rushing the field? Double negatives are not cool man.
2. Either way you know your facing UVA, a win over UVA is not really deserved of a rush the field.
3. Did you still rush the field after the 48-0 loss?

1. Confetti is the absolute best way to celebrate a 48 point loss.
2. Where's that chump that used the double negative I'm gonna drill him.
3. We were confused, we thought we had one more game at the Orange Bowl and that FIU was playing tonight and we were playing later, I guess we were wrong.

1. RIP Miami Hurricanes 1980 - 2005
2. The Hurricane Pride dies tonight.
3. My T-shirt is from the hurricanes 1969 season, it smells of Mary Jane.

1. Big Turtle looks over ready to eat all oncoming enemies.
2. Big Turtle does not like little golden eagle.
3. Big Turtle > Matty Ice

1. FraudConn is finally brought down from their fake perch.
2. FraudConn is dropped from #13th in the country to completely out of the polls.
3. High Kick.

1. We at UCLA vow to take Rudy Carpenter's head off on this play.
2. This is my best impression of the frog splash off of the top rope.
3. Rudy move your head a little bit to the left.

1. I heard the buffet line is over that way.
2. My bonus for winning the Big 12 title is my very own Big Boy restaurant in Lawrence.
3. I got this valor suit down the road at the local Big and Tall Store, after I ate 4 cheeseburgers.

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