Thursday Quicknotes

Thursday, November 15, 2007

~I'm feeling very lax this morning as you can see by the no post yet. But I put one up late last night so it's like I put one up this morning, but I digress here's a quicknotes...

~I was contemplating doing an entire post on Arod, but I don't feel like it. Here's my thoughts. The fact that the Yankees have apparently worked out a deal with Arod neither upsets me nor excites me. I'm relatively numb to the whole thing right now. I enjoy the fact that the Yanks told Boras to shove it, but somehow someway you have to think he was lurking in the shadows somewhere. Either way, they basically gave him the deal they offered a couple of weeks ago minus the Texas money so it makes sense. Better to sign him than trade for Miguel Cabrera, however Cabrera at 1st wouldn't be a dumb move, but giving up Hughes might be.

~I'm waiting for the aftermath really. What will Arod do with Boras? What will he say? Will he blame Boras entirely for the opt out and the World Series Announcement to save some face with the Yankees fans?

~More Yankee news, the Yanks pursuing Mike Lowell to play first base is stupid. He's a solid player but Fenway clearly helps his production. I hope it's simply and attempt to raise the price take from Fenway. However, having seen Damon bounce I don't think the Red Sox are in to compete for prices. I think they have a # in their head and offered it to Lowell. Lowell should take what the Red Sox offer him and take the three years and get over it.

~In more Yanks talk, can Mr. Girardi find a way to move Cano up in the lineup please. How about Damon, Jeter, Cano, Arod, Abreu, Jorge, Matsui, 1B (TBD), Melky. That looks about right.

~Speaking of Cabrera, I wonder if this helps or hurts his market. Sure it probably* takes the Yankees off the market, but now he's the best piece out there. The Dodgers, Giants, Angels have to want him badly. You have to think that the Angels and Dodgers at the very list will end up competing with themselves and raising the price tag.

~How much will the White Sox get for Joe Crede? He has to be a pretty good secondary option for teams out there.

~The whole Isiah Marbury thing is being played out. Wooooo Marbury doesn't like getting benched. Wow that's a great surprise. So he bounced for a game, whatever, how many times do you just not want to go to work if your pissed off. He didn't, good for him, he got docked his pay and he'll deal with that. And really the Knicks just suck, so anything that goes on with them really isn't much of a story.

~Having said that, I did have some fun writing a post at EC in which I wrote a theoretical letter from Starbury to Ike the Sexual Harrasser.

~The Jets have the Steelers and the Cowboys in back to back weeks, HAHAHAHA.

~If I did an NFL power rankings right now I'd put the Cowboys at #2. The Colts are too injured, and the Boys are better than Pitt.

~There was a post at the Fanhouse the other day where the author attempted to say Joey Harrington was a better Quarterback than Michael Vick. I hope he has regained his medication or received his payment from Joey himself.

~Some people don't get that the Degrees of Loss Separation is supposed to be way out there.

~The White Warriors are in second place...

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