NFL Week 10 Awards

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wow You Guys Suck: Baltimore & Oakland & San Fran & Minny's Offenses, Out of these 4 teams on 13 points were put on the board. A combination of miserable play calling, quarterback play, injured Purple Jesus... Just all around crap from these teams. These squads make the game of football as ugly to watch as the WNBA. Runners Up: San Diego Chargers sure they won but they were a 29 yard field goal away from losing a game in which they had 6 INTs and two kick returns overly pathetic, the Dolphins for being the lone winless squad, Grrr Al Harris.

Cough Cough Cough: Adam Vinatieri, Adam easily could be considered one of the best kickers of all time due to his playoff heroics. But with those moments come expectations, and when you blow a potential game winning 29 yard kick you deserve to get stomped by the media. Runners Up: The Saints have an 0-8 team in their building and they can't get it done, Peyton Manning threw 6 friggin picks.

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: Rod Marinelli, For the past few weeks Detroit has molded itself into more of a run smash mouth team than a Kitna bombs the ball 45 times a game team. This week against the Cardinals they had a total of 8 rushing attempts. 8. That's not smash mouth. In those 8 attempts, they had one 15 yard loss and Kevin Jones had -4 yards on 4 carries. Overall they rushed for -18 yards on 8 carries. Runners Up: Tony Dungy taking stupid timeouts down the stretch, Eli Manning for Quarterbacking 3 false starts.

The Shocker: St. Louis Rams, I didn't really think they were an 0-8 team. They have a ton of weapons on offense when healthy and can score on turf. But they really laid the hammer down on the Saints this weekend. The final score does not tell the story of just how badly the Rams beat the Saints. Runners Up: Peyton Manning and 6 ints in the same sentence is weird, Atlanta has 3 wins or 2 more than the Jets.

The Pimp: Three Day Old Cheesburger, Big Ben in the second half on sunday pretty much strapped the squad on his back and said we are winning this football game. The 30 yard run was huge, the other first down run was big time, and he hit his receivers when he needed to. An all around big performance for the Cheeseburger. Runners Up: Shayno had 7 field goals for the Bungals, Darren Sproles & Antonio Cromartie won the game for the Chargers.

You Got JAKKED UP: Adrian Peterson's Knee Ligament, Sure it wasn't that big of a hit, but tell that to Peterson's Knee Ligament.

My Fantasy Anti-MVP: My Brain, The Dolphins suck, Jay Cutler is injured and could be a little worse than normal, the Dolphins really suck, I should play JP Losman instead of Cutler... I lost by a point... F*ck me.

New York Jets MVP: Wooooo Bye Week, We can't lose on a bye we can't lose on a bye hooray for no depression this weekend.

My Picks

My Picks: 7-7
Preseason Picks: 8-6
Picks Vs. Spread: 4-10


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ease up on the dolphins...we might be the best 0-8 team in the league...we shoulda won sun.

kevin said...
11:28 PM  

The dolphins suck dong.

Tom Brady should always be in the Pimp category just because he's Tom F'ing Brady.

Hart said...
10:59 AM  

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