Thursday Quicknotes

Thursday, November 29, 2007

~I'm not a really a fan of the NFL on thursday night. I'm just not. It's not even the fact that I don't get the NFL network, or the fact that I have class tonight til 9 and won't get home til around 10ish, or the fact that you have to make your picks on thursday now, I just really like NFL football on Sunday afternoon and a lot less every other time. On monday and sunday night I typically only sporadically watch the games, monday probably cause the games are always shit, but Sunday cause I'm typically footballed out for the weekend. As for Thursday night, it just doesn't feel right, I'm not really in the mood to watch the biggest NFC matchup of the season on a thursday after work. Well even if I could. Even last week while I typically enjoy the Thanksgiving games a lot I didn't like the Jets playing then because it just felt weird. The beating didn't help but still before kick off it just seemed odd.

~Anywho I'm taking the Cowboys to cover the 7 point spread. I'll get the rest of the picks out manana.

~I haven't gotten into the whole Sean Taylor thing because I have a limited amount to say about it. Normal people A) Don't have Machetes under their bed B) Have someone break into their house to simply leave a knife on the bed and C) Get shot and killed in their bedroom although I can't imagine the person was attempting to kill him if the aimed for the leg/groin. Either way its sad, it certainly sucks for all in the NFL but something in his life spurred this whether it was his fault or not. I highly doubt it was random.

~Adding this to the many run ins with the law and the fact that they suck now why would anyone want to go to the U.

~Delmon Young+ for Matt Garza+ reported yesterday just seems like a solid move for the Twins and a risky move for the Devil Rays. I understand Delmon is a complete nut and swings at just about everything but he still has big time talent and is younger than me. I think the Twins made a solid move here and should truly think about trading both Johan and Nathan and go with an all youth team + Justin and Joe in the middle of the lineup.

~My post at EC today was about Joe Nathan and 'his' desire to get traded.

~The Big 10 ACC challenge is a joke and Michigan appears to suck yet again this year. I'm probably only a few losses away from a giving up on the wolverines NCAA tournament chances post.

~Kirk Hinrich sucks balls this season, every single one of his stats is worse than every single year in his career. Ouch.

~Canadians are very very very weird.

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