Need an Energy Kick in the Gym?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Feeling Tired at the gym or during a lengthy bike ride? Do you need something to get you over that last hump, finish that last set or bike that last few miles. Well if so there's one product for you, the Jelly Bean, the enhanced version of course. Unlike normal Jelly Beans these are jam packed with electrolytes, vitamins, carbs and caffeine to keep your engine pumping during the most heated moments of the action. So why not accelerate near the finish line, have some Sport Beans.

Do you like that pitch? Not bad if I say so myself, just came up with it. Guess that marketing class is wearing off on me a bit. Ok now onto normal Simon, who in the world is going to chew on some Jelly Beans instead of drinking a god damn Gatorade or Propel or some form of liquid? Is this not one of the dumbest products out there? I know, on the rare occasion, that I do eat Jellybeans that they tend to stick to your damn teeth. So who exactly is going to pop some jellybeans in their mouth when they're riding a bike or running a marathon. The time it takes to chew and swallow is much more time consuming and tedious than just swallowing a liquid. Plus after eating the damn things you're probably going to want some water to go with them. Sometimes your product just has no place in the market, and an energy jelly bean is one of these times.

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Maybe Lance Armstrong/Mike Lowell/Phil Kessel can order a large one and use it as a replacement nut/energy boost.

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