Monday Afternoon Quicknotes

Monday, November 05, 2007

~I'm actually busy at work today, that blows, so instead of finding one topic to write about I'm just going to spit out a quicknotes post on random crap.

~I hate the Raiders, I hate the Raiders a lot. The fact that they gave up Randy Moss for a 4th round pick is an absolute disgrace. They should be ashamed at themselves for giving away the most talented football player in the NFL.

~I will hate anyone who says the Pats are overrated and that they are beatable. They won, they beat the Colts regardless of whether Marvin Harrison was out or not. The Cowboys and Colts have lost to nobody but the Patriots.

~I love Adrian Peterson. I was smart enough to draft Adrian Peterson in both of the Fantasy Leagues I am in. He is god. However because Jay Cutler decided to get hurt before he did anything, and once again I'm facing a team putting up a ton of points I need my 3 point cushion and the Pitt D to outperform Hines and Willis. So odds are I'm f*cked again.

~I love Norv Turner looking even more stupid than normal. Your opposition has no quarterback at all and yet you still can't stop the running back from posting the most yards in the history of football. Great coaching. Great Team Execution.

~I hate the New York Jets. I can't watch the games with any sense of joy and it isn't just because they are a 1-8 football team, it's mostly because no matter how well they are playing I know that they are just going to blow it in the long run. 14 point lead, nothing for the Jets to blow. And why drive to the 30 for a game winning field goal in OT when you can stall at the 40 and punt and lose. It really is just more depressing than angering. The Jets spur sadness.

~I enjoy FSU upsetting BC. BC is not one of the top 2 teams in the country and their loss should ensure them not playing in the title game for which they do not belong. Hopefully the Fighting Zookers or Wolverines will upset the Buckeyes so the same will happen to them. Also it's a official after Purdon't lost this weekend that the Buckeyes will not defeat anybody this regular season whom will finish with less than three losses.

~I love Mario Manningham. For all the talk about Mike Hart, Jake Long and Chad Henne somehow Manningham slips under the general publics radar. He is the reason Chad Henne puts up good numbers. He burnt his DB on every single deep route and had Henne ever thrown the ball in the same zip code as Manningham then they would not have had to pull off the game winning catch in the 4th.

~I want Oregon in the Championship game and I want Dennis Dixon to win the Heisman.

~I want FraudConn and WVU to each lose a game the remainder of the season that way neither threatens for an entrance into the BCS game.

~I don't quite understand why Rutgers sucks a fat one this season.

~I enjoy the collapse of some Big Time programs. To me the ineptitude of Miami, Nebraska and ND is very humorous. Perhaps the better word for their weekend performances is embarrasment. Losing to Navy for the first time since they were quarterbacked by Roger Staubach is embarrasing. Losing to NC State is embarrasing. And giving up 72 points to Kansas is down right pathetic.

~I dislike the Colts. For as much as I say I hate the Patriots, and I do, I don't like the Colts at all either and the entire game yesterday I sat on my couch not rooting for anyone and being generally bored the entire first half. I didn't understand why the Pats continued to try the run the ball and why the Colts continued to stall in the red zone. It was a boring half and the game should not be made out like it was a great game or superbly played. It wasn't.

~I love the White Warriors fantasy team. 6-3 in the opening week after I completed the full on bleach trading Amare and Quentin Richardson for Pau Gasol and Kyle Korver. Now we will see how the Pale compete during this NBA season.

~I don't think the Knicks are going to be that good. After watching a bit of their game last night against the T-Wolves I just don't know if Randolph fits on that team at all. Surely he has talent, but Curry still seems to be their focal low post option and I don't know if Randolph is going to adjust to that well.

~I hate the fact that Scalabrine gets significant minutes with the Celtics.

~Big Al is back to wearing his High School #25 which he couldn't wear with the Celtics but spurred the wonderful comment "Cause 2 + 5 = 7" when asked why he chose #7.

~I want to do something with my 7 remaining vacation days this year that doesn't involve sitting on my ass bored at home instead of sitting on my ass bored at work. Ideas?

~I enjoyed getting tanked this weekend and dressing up as MegaMan until Jimmy Bones decided he was going to continuously punch me in the head because I was wearing a helmet. Then I started blocking which resulted in him breaking my costume. None of this is a surprise.

~Oh and I might have written something at EC the past few weeks that you haven't read yet.

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Patriots win, defeat referees and colts 24-20.

Ben Cheeseburger looked fantastic last night, should be a good game when they play the pats.

I like the Jets because I can count on them to lose every week, thus making my office picks that much easier.

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Post your mega man costume pictures

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