NFL Week 13 Pick Suggestions

Friday, November 30, 2007

One Mediocre week means a good week? Eh probably not.

5. Dallas Cowboys (-6 1/2) vs. Green Bay Packers
This game is a complete lock, there is no way the Cowboys are going to cough up a 17 point lead after they knock out Favre in the 2nd quarter. No way. Although you will be surprised with how Aaron Rodgers plays. But still run to the bank and put your entire account on the Cowboys, that's how positive I am with this pick. Biggest lock of the year, maybe even decade. I feel like Biff when he had the Sports Book.

4. San Diego Chargers (-4 1/2) at Kansas City Chiefs
Now that I've gotten that big time lock at of the way let me tie the noose around my neck and stand on a three legged stool by betting on the Chargers.

3. New York Jets (+1 1/2) at Miami Dolphins
Please lord please tell me that the New York Jets with an additional 3 days off are not a worse team than the winless Dolphins. Please? Although if they lose they would be one step away from Dorsey. And that wouldn't be bad.

2. Denver Broncos (-3 1/2) at Oakland Raiders
Perhaps someone gave the Broncos the heimlich after their debacle in Chicago last week and they will be back to return the Raiders to their normal AFC West losing ways.

1. New England Patriots(-20 1/2) at Baltimore Ravens
One week off from covering the spread, the Patriots should be back to their normal killings when they face the offensively challenged Ravens.

Survivor League Pick: Death to Norv Chargers

Ya I'm tossing the Cojones out there and am picking the Rams to win this week. Granted I selected this before I knew Marc Bulger no longer had a functioning brain, but whatever I'm keeping it out there.

Non-Spread Picks

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