Weekly Waste of Oxygen

Friday, November 30, 2007

There was just so much suck going around this week on the actual football field that I think I'm going to do my first all actual Gameplay Weekly Waste.

1. Eli Manning - 17-21. That wasn't the final score sunday at Giants stadium, but that was Eli Manning's final score. He led his offense to 17 total points, and scored three touchdowns for the Minnesota Vikings. He might want to check his vision, he might be color blind as Dark Purple is close to Dark Blue and he seems to have a big problem with this every time they play the Vikings.

2. Herman Edwards - Herm is always good for some solid quotes and a good motivational speach but when it comes to clock management and coaching down the stretch of a game just about nobody in the game is worse. if you don't have confidence in your kicker to boot home a 40 yard field goal when you are down 3, then why is he on your roster? Why did you guys trade Tynes in the offseason? Next time maybe you should play to not lose the game.

3. Todd Sauerbrun - Yep you were going to kick it to Devin Hester. That a very intelligent idea. But you did have a chance to stop him on both kick returns. Especially the one wear you slipped fell on your back and you couldn't see it but he jumped over you. You were like a little hurdle in an Equestrian show and Devin Hester was the gold medal horse. Perhaps next time you should kick the ball out of bounds.

4. New York Knicks - Way to open up your mouth Q and challenge the best team in the NBA as says the current standings. You were right that the 'Big 3' have yet to win any titles, very observant of you. What you forgot is that by making a dumb ass quote like that you would give them that much more motivation to lay the hammer down on you. You're just lucky that Nate Robinson can hit flying buzzer beating half court shots so that you didn't set an all time New York Knick ineptitude record.

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