NFL Week 11 Pick Suggestions

Friday, November 16, 2007

Screw aiming, I'm achieving piss poor, of if ands or buts about it.

5. St. Louis Rams (-2 1/2) at San Fransisco 49ers
The Rams have their main weapons back healthy and ready to go and the 49ers completely suck. Sure the Rams are 1-8 but they did lay a whippin on the Saints last week. Meanwhile the 49ers couldn't move the ball on Nebraska's defense right now.

4. New York Giants (-2 1/2) at Detroit Lions
The Giants have three losses. Their losses have come against two teams which are both 8-1. Not really that big of a knock. Basically I just don't see the Lions being able to bounce back unless they establish some kind of rushing attack which they didn't even try to do last week.

3. Oakland Raiders (+5 1/2) at Minnesota Vikings
No Purple Jesus equals no win in Minnesota. Furthermore, Lane Kiffin is starting Daunte Culpepper this week for the second tour of the Culpepper Revenge series, where Daunte scores a bunch of points on his former teammates.

2. Cincinnati Bengals (-3 1/2) vs. Arizona Cardinals
The Bengals are my vice. Every week I essentially pick them to beat the spread and win the football game and up until last week I was getting repeatedly burnt. But since they won last week they are again in my good graces, so here's to another one.

1. New England Patriots(-15 1/2) at Buffalo Bills
Apparently a one week layoff and now the bookies have forgotten that the Patriots destroy every team in the NFL. A 15 1/2 point spread against the overachieving Bills coming off an extra week off? Is there anyway the Pats don't hang 35?

Survivor League Pick: Death to Norv Chargers

This week I'm going with the Pack. They're playing Vinny T at home and their defense just shut down Purple Jesus. It's a pretty easy pick.

Non-Spread Picks

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