NFL Week 9 Pick Suggestions

Friday, November 02, 2007

I feel the mediocre results already.

5. San Francisco 49ers (+3 1/2) at Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons are favored in a game? This is a typo right? They are giving 3 1/2 points? I know the 49ers are bad but they do have their quarterback now and they are playing the Falcons. So they should atleast stay close right?

4. Dallas Cowboys(-3 1/2) at Philadelphia Eagles
The Cowgirls had a comfy bye week and should be firing on all cylinders when they head to philly this weekend. Meanwhile the Eagles have not been a particularly solid team this season and they are only getting a field goal. In a shootout the Cowboys should win by more than that.

3. Washington Redskins (-3 1/2) at New York Jets
Apparently the last two weeks I've been completely delusional and for some reason thought the Jets would actually win a game. No longer, they will lose the rest of the season, except to the Dolphins, and will lose this week by much more than a field goal.

2. Cincinnati Bengals (+1 1/2) vs. Buffalo Bills
The Bills suck. They aren't any good, the only reason they have 3 wins is because they play in the AFC East and were able to play the Jets twice thus far this season. If the Bengals had played the Jets twice instead of just once they would have 3 wins as well.

1. New England Patriots (-5 1/2) at Indianapolis Colts
Sure this is a questionable spread for a team playing at home and undefeated. But whatever the Patriots are Gods and the Colts are mere mortals with very sufficient firepower and armor. Gods defeat mortals and the dome provides no homefield advantage for the Colts. 35-27 Pats.

Survivor League Pick: Death to Norv Chargers

The pick this week is the Redskins. Sure they're coming off a 45 point loss and on the road. But they're playing the New York Jets, they are going to win, and it really doesn't matter cause Norv already eliminated me.

Non-Spread Picks

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