NCAA Week 11 Power Rankings

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Remember this is all about Quality Wins and Bad Losses so if you lose to a top ranked team its not going to kill you, if you lose to Appalachian St. in the opener it will haunt you the entire season. This season is just a big clusterf*ck, who the hell knows where these teams should be ranked and who exactly is the best of the bunch.

1. Louisiana State - LaTech, what a big out of conference showdown for the Tigers. Really nothing stands in their way of a BCS Title birth after the Buckeye loss than the SEC title game, which almost certainly will not be a rematch with the Gators. For which I think they are grateful. Quality Wins: VaTech, South Carolina, Florida, Auburn, @Alabama

2. Oregon - The bye week was very very exciting for the Ducks. With the Buckeyes loss to the Juice they are now slotted into the second spot and with a relatively easy schedule left they should be able to run the table so all that is standing between them and Louisiana is a Big 12 team having a very impressive finish. Quality Wins: @Michigan, USC, Arizona St., Houston

3. Oklahoma - That Miami win certainly doesn't count for anything anymore. However, the Missouri win keeps looking better and better after they cruise to win after win. Quality Wins: Texas(n), Missouri, A&M Bad Loss: Colorado

4. Georgia - The Bulldogs probably wish Knowshawn surfaced a bit earlier in the season when they lost to the GameCocks at home. If they had pulled that game off they would seriously be in contention for a BCS birth. Now they sit back and have to hope that Tennessee loses another game just so they can play in the SEC Title game.Quality Wins: (n)Florida, @Bama, Troy, Auburn

5. Missouri - I honestly think Missouri might have the better opportunity to reach the title game than the Sooners. Mizzou has a better out of conference win, especially after the Fighting Zookers win in the Horseshoe. They have a more acceptable loss and if they run the table will have avenged that loss on a neutral field and have a win against probably a 1 loss Kansas team. If they run the table they might deserve to jump over Oregon or LSU. Quality Wins: @Illinois, Texas Tech, A&M

6. Ohio St. - Losing to Illinois certainly puts a major damper on their season, and the Big 10 does suck, but Illinois is a good team. They've shown it all season, the Buckeyes just couldn't get it done. A win against Michigan means the Rose Bowl and with a lot of luck falling their way could somehow someway still result in a title game. Those chances are very slim however. Quality Wins: Purdon't, @Penn St., Wisconsin

7. Virginia Tech - The Hokies gave a little scare for awhile against the Seminoles and then all of a sudden destroyed them. The win over Clemson looks favorable as the Tigers since that game have pounded all comers. Quality Wins: @Clemson, FSU

8. Florida - The fact that the Gators have lost three games this season still stuns me. Their offense is all but unstoppable despite not having a superb running back. Quality Wins: Troy, Tennessee, @Kentucky, South Carolina

9. Boston College - The loss to the Terps despite being on the road is a bad one and in reality BC was just highly overrated. However, you have to give them the credit they deserve for pulling out that miracle win over the Hokies. But I fully expect Clemson to beat them up this week and knock them from these here rankings. Quality Wins: Wake Forest, @VT Bad Loss: Maryland

10. Arizona St. - The Sun Devils haven't done anything extra exciting this year but with a home matchup against against USC on thanksgiving they'll atleast have one potential big time win this season. Quality Wins: Cal, Oregon St.

11. Kansas - Kansas keeps on winning and yet I am moving them down in the rankings. Why is this? The teams they have beaten are absolutely pathetic. A&M is their best win? They suck, I'm struggling to even put that as a quality win. Mizzou and Oklahoma if they win those games however will vault them into the top 2. Quality Wins: @A&M

Dropped Out: Nobody plummeted all the way out.

Noticeable Absences: West Virginia's best win is at Rutgers which is borderline at this point if they beat Cincy this week they will jump into the mix.

Previous Weeks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

(n) = neutral field

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