The Big 5 College Football Games of the Weekend

Friday, November 30, 2007

5. California Los Angeles Bruins at Southern California Trojans
Honestly I don't care about this game at all and nor do I truly think it's going to be very competitive but if USC wins then they win the Pac 10. If UCLA wins some friggin way they can win the Pac 10 despite losing to Notre Dame this season. Just pathetic. The Pick: USC should romp its way to Pasadena.

4. Pittsburgh Panthers at West Virginia Mountaineers
This is just here because if the Mountaineers win then they will be playing in New Orleans in a little over a month. In reality the chances of them losing to the Wanny boys is closer to none than slim. But I guess we can just hold out hope that it's competitive and convince ourselves that anything can happen in 2007. The Pick: Wanny inches closer to getting canned.

3. Boston College Eagles vs. Virginia Tech Hokies
If the Hokies didn't choke at the end of their previous matchup than it could be them who was waiting to punch their ticket to New Orleans. Instead, a win and they get to go to the Orange Bowl, which I think is being played at Pro Player, which doesn't really have many oranges in the stadium. Either way it should be better than the crappy GaTech Wake Forest matchup from last year. The Pick: Tech lines up a trip to Miami which means bad things usually.

2. Louisiana State Tigers vs. Tennessee Volunteers
Les can talk to Michigan on monday so he probably has that on his mind, well if he has one. If he didn't get his team prepared well, a strong possibility, then a loss could mean a matchup with Michigan woo. However, if he did get his team prepared well then they will probably demolish UT. The Pick: I'll take the middle ground and say LSU wins by 6.

1.Missouri Tigers at Oklahoma Sooner
Could have been winner books a ticket to the National title game, but Sam Bradford had to go and get knocked the fuck out against Texas Tech resulting in a Sooners loss. Now the Sooners are just acting as Spoilers, unless you call playing Arizona St. in the Fiesta Bowl a grand prize. The Pick: Oklahoma sends the Buckeyes to the Superdome because nothing I want ends up happening.

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