Degrees of Loss Separation: Navy > ND

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Degrees of Loss Separation is a simple concept, I go out and find a highly rated team with some losses playing against a crappy team with lots of losses. Next I find a chain of losses which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt (not at all) that the underdog is going to pull the major upset and storm the field. The Final Outcome is calculated simply: Add up the scores of the losers, add up the scores of the winners in the degrees of loss separation and divide both by the # of degrees.

The Game: Navy Midshipmen vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Navy and Notre Dame go out Saturday in a traditional matchup which no one will be watching. Notre Dame has a 43 game winning streak in this 'rivalry'. Every year the Midshipmen come to the game and every year they go home disappointed and forced to listen to that annoying fight song. Will this year be different? Will the 3 fans watching the game on NBC learn the Navy Fight Song?

4ยบ of Loss Separation : Navy beat Duke beat Northwestern beat Michigan St. beat Notre Dame

The Midshipmen lined up against illustrious Duke and somehow someway managed to sneak away with a 3 point home margin. The loss by Duke was understandable since they were coming off what was a huge victory at Big 10 Powerhouse Northwestern. After 2 consecutive losses following the Duke loss the Wildcats went up to East Lansing and knocked off the Michigan St. Spartans by a touchdown which was again understandable since the Spartans were still celebrating their 31-14 throttling of Notre Dame two weeks prior.

Final Outcome: Navy 36 Notre Dame 28

This is the year for Navy to knock off Notre Dame and further the embarrasment that is Charlie Weis football. Not Bob Davie nor Ty Willingham ever lost to the Midshipmen, when Charlie becomes the first to collapse to a service academy since the era of Roger Staubach. I can't wait until the hilarity on saturday afternoon.

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Since I'll be watching, make that 4 TV fans for the Navy/Notre Dame game.

Anonymous said...
1:53 PM  

Good call! Although given the way ND has played this year, a fairly easy one to make, even with a 43 game win streak.

Joseph said...
1:42 AM  

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