NFL Week 10 Pick Suggestions

Friday, November 09, 2007

Screw Mediocre, I'm aiming for piss poor.

5. Minnesota Vikings (+6 1/2) at Green Bay Packers
I've got my giant Purple Jesus blinders on right now. Sure the Packers defense is good, sure they stop the run typically, but its Adrian Peterson. He's going to keep his sorry teammates in the game and they should stick within a touchdown at the end.

4. Tennessee Titans (-4 1/2) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
At the beginning of the season the Jaguars looked like they could potentially challenge for the AFC South crown. And then their mediocre quarterback got injured and they are stuck with Quinn Gray a below mediocre quarterback. The Titans aren't at all flashy but they should win this game by a relatively comfortable margin.

3. Indianapolis Colts (-3 1/2) at San Diego Chargers
Sure the Colts could be set up for a let down game, but did you watch any of the Charger game last week? Their defense was pathetic against the run. And while Addai isn't Purple Jesus Brooks Bollinger is no Peyton Manning. The Colts should bounce back in impressive fashion.

2. Cincinnati Bengals (+5 1/2) vs. Baltimore Ravens
I'll admit it, I'm a stupid sucker for the Bengals. Every week I think they will perform and they fall short (except against the Jets of course). But the Ravens aren't any good either and a 5 1/2 point spread seems a bit too much for a team that's lucky to score 13 points in a game.

1. Detroit Lions(+1 1/2) at Arizona Cardinals
This spread is made out so that people take the Lions. Well I'm taking the bait. The Cardinals stink. Their offensive line once again disappoints, Kurt Warner is washed up and the Lions are just better all around.

Survivor League Pick: Death to Norv Chargers

Going to go with the Steelers who I surprisingly haven't selected yet this season. The Browns are playing well this season, but they aren't going to head into Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers.

Non-Spread Picks

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