Les vs. Carr is a Possibility

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Much has been made since the Carr resignation of Carr's supposed dislike of Les and the possibility of him being the one man who gets in the way of Les taking over the Michigan program. Well after LSU's stunning upset loss versus Arkansas last weekend a matchup between the two programs is a possibility, all that would need to happen are a few balls to fall the right way.

First off LSU needs to lose to Tennessee this weekend. If LSU wins they play in the Sugar Bowl and put the kibosh on the whole thing. If LSU loses than Tennessee would play in the Sugar Bowl and almost certainly Gerogia would be selected as the SEC's additional BCS representative leaving LSU outside of the BCS.

Then it comes down to the Capital One Officials making the most intriguing matchup. The Capital One Bowl gets the first selection of all SEC and Big 10 teams after the BCS games are selected. It generally assumes that they take the #2 team from each conference which LSU would qualify as and Michigan technically would as well as they finished tied with the Illini. In reality the Capital One Bowl can just select whomever they choose out of the conference, and with all the intrigue around the country surrounding Les Miles and his possible move to the Wolverines and all the gossip on the lack of friendship between Carr and Miles how could they pass up the chance at putting these two teams on the field. The matchup would certainly be more intriguing than some of the crappy BCS games that could occur.

So for one day in my life, hopefully the last, I will be rooting for the lame Volunteers wearing pastel orange so that on New Years Day I have something fun to watch.

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It would be amazing if Miles made some of the awful calls he has made all season in that game. I'd love watching him ruin his own audition.

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