Rebus Quick Hitters

Friday, November 09, 2007

Once again a Quick Hitters Version. Each # is associated to a person, place or thing. The entire Rebus is set under a given theme. Post the answers in the comments for both each entry and the theme. Have at it.

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1995 NBA Draft:
1. Kevin Garnett
2. Jerry Stackhouse
3. "Big Country" Bryant Reeves
4. Theo Ratliff
5. J-J-Jimmy King (what a terrific audience)
6. Donyell Marshall
7. Jason Caffey
8. Lou Roe (really?)
9. Cherokee Parks
10. Kurt Thomas

Top_Dawg said...
3:26 PM  

Everything is right except for 6... which is 3 letters off...

Simon said...
3:31 PM  

Damn, I never would have gotten all those. 1995 draft? Where did that come from?

Grutt said...
4:08 PM  

By the way... who is Top Dawg...

Started with KG and then went on from there.

6. is Donnie Marshall

Simon said...
4:13 PM  

Clevelander living in Chicago that hopes to see the Browns light it up in Heinz to the soundtrack that is Simms this weekend

top_dawg said...
5:24 PM  

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