Can Steve Phillips Please GM the Red Sox

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We'll do this post in question and answer form.

Why do I personally believe the Red Sox will be better next season?

The Red Sox, if they sign Lowell, will bring back almost the entirety of their roster so what could make this team better or worse really? Simply put the development of some key prospects that were showing signs during the last two months as well as playoffs. Jacoby Ellsbury during the World Series and playoffs in general flashed abilities which are perfect for the leadoff role. He has lightning quickness, has the ability to hit for terrific average, is clutch and has a general knack to be disruptive. Oh and he hit .438 in the World Series. Jon Lester fought back from cancer this year had a mediocre regular season but in the postseason he stepped up with a big relief outing and a solid start in the World Series. He is a young left hander with terrific stuff and could easily evolve into a #2 or #3 starter for the Sox. Meanwhile Clay Buchholz was slightly babied the final months for the Red Sox but in just 4 games pitched in the big leagues he had a 1.59 ERA and pitched a f*cking no hitter. You don't pitch a no hitter in your first month as a big leaguer unless you have serious talent.

All of these three players should develop next year, contribute the entire season and make the Red Sox that much of a better team in addition to some further development of Dice-K and the rookie of the year Pedroia.

What did Steve Phillips say that was that Dumb?

On Mike and Mike in the morning this morning Phillips stated that he could see the Red Sox trading Lester, Buchholz and Ellsbury for Johan Santana. I understand that Johan Santana is arguably the best pitcher in baseball however giving up three cheap highly talented and potential stars for Santana would seem to me personally to be way too much of a price. And then he offered up an additionally doozie...

He said that of course teams will agree to a trade but first negotiate with Johan to see if they could come to a long term agreement given that he is a free agent after the coming season. He also stated that he thought it might be worth it for a club to go through with the deal even if they didn't get a long term agreement done in the hopes that he would play a full season like the atmosphere and want to stay.

So in essence Steve Phillips stated in a round about way that he if he were the GM of the Boston Red Sox would atleast contemplate trading three top flight prospects, one of which could be an all star centerfielder, one of whom already has a No-Hitter in 3 starts and the other who just pitched 5.2 scoreless innings in the deciding game of the World Series for a 1 year player with whom they may not be able to sign. As a Yankee fan I'm begging Theo Epstein to listen to this wonderful advice and trade away these three stud prospects for Johan, cause it's not like their rookies helped pave the way for them this year or anything.

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