My Top Eleven Worst 2008 Predictions

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time to take me behind the woodshed, so here are some of my predictions from 2008 that were absolutely F'N awful.

11. Your 07-08 NBA Coach of the Year will be Scott Skiles. He was fired midseason. (Reviewing my NBA Predictions)

10. The Saints will go 14-2 and get the NFC #1 seed. Not quite. (NFC South Preview)

9. Richie Sexson will be your comeback player of the year. I think he's basically out of the league now. (AL Award Predictions)

8. The Miami Heat will win the NBA Southeast Division and Get the 3 seed. More like the 15 seed. Who knew Wade was going to get huryt and Shaq traded? (Reviewing my NBA Predictions)

7. The Canadians were not going to make the playoffs. They got the #1 seed. (Review of my NHL Predictions)

6. The Lakers will miss out on the playoffs. They got the #1 seed, ha. (Reviewing my NBA Predictions)

5. NFL Comeback player of the year will be... Marc Bulger. Ugh. (2008 NFL Awards Predictions)

4. The Tigers would have the best record in baseball with 96 wins. They won 74. (AL Central Predictions)

3. The Mariners will win 91 games they won 61. Ouch. (AL West Predictions)

2. The Ravens will be the worst team in the NFL and will go 1-15. Perhaps I should stop predicting the NFL season by picking game by game and just start giving out generic records. (AFC North Preview)

1. The Lions will win 8 games this year which will.......... Win them the divsion. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Awful. (NFC North Predictions)

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Simone, where are the top 11 predictions that were right?

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