2008 AFC North Preview

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pittsburgh Steelers

Predicted Record: 14-2
Playoff Seed: 2

Key Player: Troy Polamalu, Last year the crazy haired one went down and so did their defense. This year the Steelers need him to be healthy if they are to get through the entire season.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Three Day Old Cheeseburger, Last season the Cheeseburger threw a ton of touchdown passes (except in the 1st round of the playoffs of course). This year perhaps to go along with those TD passes he'll tack on a bit more yardage.

Why the Record: Cause I'm stupid probably and 14-2 is a bit ridiculous considering they practically play every difficult team in the NFL 5 times a piece. I guess I just think they're going to be really good and the Cheeseburger is going to be a beast.

Cincinnati Bengals

Predicted Record: 8-8

Key Player: CPD, Every year its the same story with the Bengals, how many of them will get arrested before the season starts and/or how many felons are they going to sign. If key players don't get arrested maybe they'll win some games.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Chris Perry, You may or may not remember who Chris Perry is, but he used to be an absolute beast at Michigan before he was drafted by the Bengals and left to rot on the bench. Now that he's been handed the keys to the empire and gets a chance to shine.

Why the Record: The Bengals should again be mediocre. They should be able to put up a lot of points but once again have a poor defense.

Cleveland Browns

Predicted Record: 6-10

Key Player: Brady Quinn, Why? Because he's not gonna play at all and I just think its going to be funny watching him cheer Derek Anderson from the sidelines.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Kellen Winslow, the soldier has been allergic to the end zone for the majority of his NFL career. Perhaps this will be the year that he gets to celebrate.

Why the Record: The schedule is tough and I have a funny feeling that Anderson and company are going to regress mightily this season.

Baltimore Ravens

Predicted Record: 1-15

Key Player: Quarterback, Kyle Boller just landed on IR so its not him. Is it Joe Flacco? Is it Troy Smith? Is it me? I'd vote me, but I doubt that's gonna happen.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Ray Rice, If/When Willis gets injured and is out for the year, Ray Rice could potentially become a solid #3 running back on any fantasy team.

Why the Record: No QB + aging/injured defense, plus I got a little out of hand with their losses. 1-15 is extreme but they're gonna be really bad.

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