Wonderful Ideas: A Nazi Stadium in the Largest Jewish American Neighborhood

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Allianz. It sounds like a cool name for the new Giants Stadium. Especially cool given that two teams will again share the stadium. They created and 'Allianz' when building the stadium and when taking the taxpayers money. If they're gonna shell out $25 million plus a year for the naming rights. So what could possibly be wrong with that. Well a lot actually.

If for some reason you don't know this, the Tri-State area has far and away the largest Jewish population in the country. Don't trust me? Well look at the wikipedia's Distribution of American Jews by County. You'll notice that essentially every county in New York, New Jersey and Southern Connecticut is listed.

So Simon, what the hell is your point? Who cares if there are a lot of Jewish Americans living in New York. The point is that Allianz is a very old German company. A German company which just so happened sponsored the Nazi party during their history. One who's CEO was economics minister for Hitler. And the company that just so happened insure the chemical engineers at Auschwitz. A company that sent the life insurance money due to Jews to the Nazi party instead.

Whoopsies. Time to get a new sponsor.

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that's a quite stupid logic..

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