2008 AFC South Preview

Thursday, September 04, 2008

1. Indianapolis Colts

Predicted Record: 12-4
Playoff Seed: 3

Key Player: Center, With Jeff Saturday shelved for a bit the Colts are going with rookie Jamey Richard who must be able to help protect Manning while also delivering quality snaps that do not mess with the Laser Rocket Arms timing.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Anthony Gonzalez, Gonzo was an underrated beast for the Buckeyes in college and now with some question marks surrounding Marvin's health he will emerge with even more opportunities to catch the ball.

Why the Record: They are the Colts, they still have Peyton Manning and Addai and Harrison and Wayne. They lost Saturday which will hurt a lot but they will still win in the double digits.

2. Tennessee Titans

Predicted Record: 10-6
Playoff Seed: #5

Key Player: Vince Young, Vince Young regressed mightily in his Sophomore campaign, yet the Titans still won 10 games and made the playoffs. If he could return or improve upon his rookie campaign numbers the Titans will make a push for the division.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Chris Johnson, LenDale went training at Wendy's in the offseason and looks like a land whale. Mr. Johnson could potentially swoop in and become the #1 back for the Titans because of LenDale's cravings.

Why the Record: They won 10 games last year with horrible quarterback play. If they get some play from Vince they will easily win 10 games again.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Predicted Record: 10-6

Key Player: Wide Receivers, The Jaguars have a very very weird combination at receiver this year with Reggie Williams being knicked up, Matt Jones facing felony drug charges, Dennis Northcutt being old, Jerry Porter being useless for seasons with the Raiders and Troy Williamson being cut by the Vikings. Someone on the roster needs to step up and catch passes.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Maurice Jones-Drew, Jones-Drew regressed in his sophomore campaign and lost over a yard on his per carry yardage average. He's still slated to share the load with old man Fred but potentially this could be the year he gets the Lions share of the carries and rewards those who selected him in the 2nd round.

Why the Record: Once again the Jaguars will be carried by their rushing game and their defense. And once again they will come up short due to the fact that they have no dynamic air attack.

4. Houston Texans

Predicted Record: 5-11

Key Player: Mario Williams, Why? Someone needs to hit the other quarterback as much as their quarterback gets hit. It's only fair.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Steve Slaton, He plummeted in the draft after he decided to come out early but now sitting behind injury plagued Ahman Green who could emerge as a running back who garners carries and lots of points.

Why the Record: The division is brutal, the rest of the schedule is difficult and they still have Matt Schaub at quarterback and big time question marks at running back.

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