2008 NFC West Preview

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

1. Arizona Cardinals

Predicted Record: 9-7
Playoff Seed: 3

Key Player: Offensive Lineman, The Cardinals scored a lot of points the final weeks of the season thanks to Kurt Warner connecting for 300+ yards. If the offensive line can give Warner the time, they will once again score a ton of points.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Anquan Boldin, He's a beast of a man and his fired up that he hasn't gotten a massive contract yet and with the pass first offense Boldin will be a top flight wide out.

Why the Record: A mediocre schedule with a lot of offensive fire power equals a slightly above average record.

2. Seattle Seahawks

Predicted Record: 9-7
Playoff Seed: 6

Key Position: Matt Hasselbeck, Bald man struggled a bit in the preseason and with the absence of old reliable Shaun Alexander even more burden for the Seahawks success will be placed on his shoulders. Perhaps they should take the ball and score.

Fantasy Player to Watch: Julius Jones, The problem with Jones the past few seasons has been his inabilty to get in the endzone.

Why the Record: Their the Seahawks of course their supposed to have the best (tied for it) record in the NFC West because the division is crappy and they win all their home games every year.

3. St. Louis Rams

Predicted Record: 8-8

Key Player: Marc Bulger, I have no idea who their backup QB is and as a fantasy owner of Bulger I don't want to find out. In 2006 Bulger threw 24 tds and only 8 ints. If he puts that performance up then the Rams will make a playoff push, if not they're gonna be near the West basement.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Steven Jackson, He slipped a bit due to his contract dispute, but honestly how much effect is it going to have sitting out training camp for a couple weeks? The man is a sprinting tank. He's going to put up a ton of points and be a reliable running back.

Why the Record: I expect Bulger to get a little knicked up but have a solid season. So they should finish around .500.

4. San Francisco 49ers

Predicted Record: 2-14

Key Player: Mike Martz, He's the 'offensive guru' and he hand picked the QB, so it's on his head to score some points with this team.

Fantasy Player to Watch: Isaac Bruce, Someone on this team needs to catch passes right? I mean Martz likes to throw 100 times a game so maybe old man river Ike Bruce will do something.

Why the Record: JT O'Sullivan...

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