Week 3 College Football Picture Caption

Monday, September 15, 2008

Just Another Jog in the Park

Why Scary Man Hit Me So Hard?
I Want to Go Back to Playing Youngstown St.
Loose Staples - 2 Knee Ligaments
Someone Took Cripple Fight a Little Too Much the the Heart

What Was that About a Football Monopoly?

The Decapitator
No More Head for You Mr. Wyoming Running Back

Kicker-Fest 2008
And His Winnings Are a Golden Shovel
There's No Crying In Football
But The Mean Man Broke My Noses
Zona St. Can't Handle the Vegas Gamblers
Just Another Pac-10 Loss
Iowa Wins the Battle of Iowa
And Wins the Meaningless Trophies
Orange Crushed Like Usual
Come 55-13 is a Good Game for Syracuse

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